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Who we are:

Futsal San José is a competitive indoor soccer league, which is affiliated with the California Futsal Association North and the United States Futsal Federation. Futsal is the official FIFA 5 versus 5 soccer game, usually played indoors on fields the size of basket ball courts. Futsal San Jose was founded in 2006 and has its first season in January 2007. 


2021-2022 Futsal San Jose Season has been postponed until next year.  



Mandatory Coaches meeting Wednesday 11/13 at 7:00 pm at the 

Los Paseos club house

7047 Via Ramada

San Jose CA 95139


There must be at least one represenative from your team present at the meeting. It can be a coach, assistant coach, manager, or parent. You must have one team representative present at the meeting or you will not get games scheduled.

Registration for the Competitive Winter Season 2018/2019 is OPEN! 

1.  League Registration

Registration for the 2019-2020 season is live. To register your team with our league please use the link provided http://www.futsalsj.org/registration_form.shtml or click on the registration tab on the left side of this window, then on competitive team registration. Team Registration Only – No Individual Registration Option 


·        Cost per team for up to 12 players: $865 before Oct 29th, $945 starting Oct 30th.


·        Please complete the registration information on our website, http://www.futsalsj.org/index.shtml 

·        Mail you’re your check to: Futsal San Jose, c/o Rosemary Alvarez, 7234 Via Bella, San Jose, CA 95139.

·        Checks must be postmarked by Oct 29th to take advantage of the early bird pricing. Cancellation fee before November 14th is $50, no refund if you cancel after November 14th.

·        We will make every attempt to match teams according to their capabilities, by taking into account their coaches opinion, outdoor experience, futsal experience and level of play (e.g. Bronze, Silver, etc) as entered by the Coach.

·        We strongly recommend team sizes of 10 players or less. You must have at least 6 players to register the team. Players can be added up to 2 weeks into the season ($20 fee if you add them later). No more than 12 players per team.

·         Only when we receive your check and printed and signed form have you registered correctly.

·        Space is limited, if too many teams register we will take the day we received your team check, and the age group into account to decide which team can play 

2.     Season Schedule

a. Dates - The season will begin Saturday November 30th and end Sunday March 1st.  There will be no games the weekends from December 21st to December 29th. All games are played on Saturdays and Sundays. Games start at about 8 am and end around 9pm. No games on weekdays. 

3.        US Futsal Registration

You will also need to register your players and coaches with USSF. You can use this link provided http://www.futsalsj.org/registration_usff.shtml or click on the registration tab on the left side of this window and then click on USSF registration.

This is mandatory to play in our league. 


4.      Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions use this link http://www.futsalsj.org/faq.shtml or click the frequently asked tab on the left side on the screen.

c.  Team Schedules

1.  Each team will get 10 games scheduled 

2.  The Season is 12 weeks.  Accordingly, all teams will have at least 2 weekends without a game and possibly more if teams have more than 1 game on any given weekend.

3.  Teams will be scheduled to play other teams in their respective divisions

d.  Reschedules 

1.   The league is unable to reschedule games

2.   Teams needing to reschedule will have to contact opponents directly through the Futsal San Jose website. 

3.   Rescheduling Options - Because the league generally has few if any extra timeslots at any of the gyms, teams not able to play during their scheduled time have the following options:

              i.  With your opponent’s agreement, find 2 teams in another timeslot willing to trade with you

              ii. Contact any team in your division that is willing to trade places with you.  In other words, find a team to play in your time slot against your scheduled opponent and your team would play in their timeslot against their scheduled opponent. 

              iii.  Forfeit - If no other option is available.


e.  Equipment

1.  You will be required to provide game balls. You need at least one, and should have one in reserve as they sometimes go flat during games. U12 and under need a size #3 Futsal ball, all older teams play with size #4 balls. If two teams of different age groups play each other the smaller sized balls are used, unless both coaches agree to use the larger balls. The same sized balls must be used for the whole game.

2.  Players need shin-guards, indoor shoes, and a uniform (shirt, shorts, socks). T-Shirts with the same color are fine, use a marker to add numbers please. You should have one set of white shirts, and one set of color shorts. Goalkeeper need a different shirt (same rule as outdoor soccer). If you have uniforms for nearly all players but one or two they can wear a similarly colored t-shirt and shorts. 

NOTE: Outdoor balls are not allowed in the gym at any time. 


f.  Guest Players

We do not restrict the number of guest players per game as long as all players participating in the game have a valid hard copy of a USFF player pass and are the correct age for the team. 

Game day procedures:

For game day procedures please take a look at our checklist page on the Futsal San Jose website or by clicking on the provided link: http://www.futsalsj.org/coach_checklist.shtml 


Impressions from our 2008/2009 season

by David V, from the MVLA Dynamit (GU12)

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