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The Academy is for soccer players lacking futsal experience -- recreational and/or first-time futsal players and coaches. We can accept various levels of soccer skills, but some prior experience is necessary. The Academy begins with two futsal clinics to teach fundamentals of the game and skills. Team coaches will attend these clinics to learn the game and get experience running practicces and managing games. Coaches are encouraged to take the "Laws of the Game" clinic (referee course) to understand implementation of the rules.

Important: If you want to register your team as part of our competitive league please sign up here

Register your team for the Futsal San Jose Academy

Please note: A coach may bring his or her soccer team into the Academy. A team may begin with a minimum of five and up to seven players if they come with a coach. The Academy will assign up to four more players from the pool of individual registrants to cr eate a team of up to nine players. If a coach wishes to bring in more than seven players, his or her team may have to split into two or more teams of equal number, unaffiliated players would then fill up those rosters. The coach may then wish to practice both squads together for scrimmaging opportunities, etc. Note: individual players on your team must register as individual players; by listing them on your tieam registration, you link them to your team. But, they must register on the "Academy Player Registration" page in the menu at left. Here is the COACHES' TO-DO LIST for coaches to read over about scheduling, team ranking system, and how everything works -- you need to do everything the competitive coaches do because your team will be added to the game schedule by week three. After checking out the To-Do List, return to this page and register. And don't forget, coaches must also register with USFF (United States Futsal Federation) for insurance and background checks. Fee for that is $12.


Please click on 'print form' below, sign it and mail it, preferrably with proof-of-age for each player, player registration and checks in the same envelope, to

Futsal San Jose
c/o Rosemary Alvarez 
7234 Via Bella

San Jose, CA 95139. 

Then go back to the  COACHES' TO-DO LIST

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