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  • Example:   United 97-A (GU14) (4635/+335/4) 67 15.8+2
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When creating a schedule make sure to even out the number of games each team has played so far, match teams that are close in rankings, match teams at most twice, 1 or 2 games per team per weekend
(this schedule does not show friends/enemies as we consider that information confidential)
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No Games scheduled for these fields

Rockstars (GU17) (5295/-5/5) 20.10+0 PIJKCOGENF20.10+0 (5295/-5/5) Rockstars (GU17)
Dynamo (GU17) (5269/-31/5) 19.10+0PI HINDKEOF19.10+0 (5269/-31/5) Dynamo (GU17)
Dream Team 03G (GU16) (5085/+85/5) 17.10+0JH OFPDINKD17.10+0 (5085/+85/5) Dream Team 03G (GU16)
SJFC 03/04G (GU16) (5008/+108/4) 17.10+0KCIOF HPDGN17.10+0 (5008/+108/4) SJFC 03/04G (GU16)
Lady Legends Power (GU17) (4969/-231/4) 9.10+0OGNDPDH FFH9.10+0 (4969/-231/4) Lady Legends Power (GU17)
UC Premier Fillies 04 (GU15) (4869/+169/5) 15.10+0EKIF OGPHFN15.10+0 (4869/+169/5) UC Premier Fillies 04 (GU15)
San Jose Earthquakes 2004G PDA I (GU15) (4867/+167/5) 19.10+0ENFO CIGHPI19.10+0 (4867/+167/5) San Jose Earthquakes 2004G PDA I (GU15)
West Valley Surge (GU17) (4752/-348/3) 3.10+0NOKPDHGC FI3.10+0 (4752/-348/3) West Valley Surge (GU17)
Los Gatos United (GU15) (4734/+134/4) 18.10+0DGPIF KEOHN18.10+0 (4734/+134/4) Los Gatos United (GU15)
MVLA Roma Too (GU13) (4660/+235/5) 27.10+0 JKDGDCEIPO27.10+0 (4660/+235/5) MVLA Roma Too (GU13)
MVLA United 05 ECNL (GU14) (4654/+254/5) 21.10+0FHGKEJ DPKO21.10+0 (4654/+254/5) MVLA United 05 ECNL (GU14)
MVLA Roma I (GU13) (4592/+192/5) 22.10+0KD EICGOEJP22.10+0 (4592/+192/5) MVLA Roma I (GU13)
Top Notch 05G (GU14) (4510/+110/5) 18.10+0FHDE PIJKON18.10+0 (4510/+110/5) Top Notch 05G (GU14)
MVLA United White (GU14) (4498/+98/5) 18.10+0PI OEDHFGKJ18.10+0 (4498/+98/5) MVLA United White (GU14)
Quakes 06 Red (GU14) (4481/+81/5) 12.10+0GCPO DFKJNJ12.10+0 (4481/+81/5) Quakes 06 Red (GU14)
Breakaway (GU16) (4416/-284/2) 0.10+0NFPIOHIED G0.10+0 (4416/-284/2) Breakaway (GU16)
Quakes 06 Blue (GU14) (4364/-36/5) 6.10+0DKGJDFG OPN6.10+0 (4364/-36/5) Quakes 06 Blue (GU14)
Legends Eclipse 06 Girls (GU13) (4364/+264/5) 22.10+0COE IGKEJON22.10+0 (4364/+264/5) Legends Eclipse 06 Girls (GU13)
Quakes 04 RED (GU15) (4344/-156/3) 4.10+0NEHKO PCFDI4.10+0 (4344/-156/3) Quakes 04 RED (GU15)
SJFC 04G (GU15) (4305/-195/3) 4.10+0INOKFJPC EH4.10+0 (4305/-195/3) SJFC 04G (GU15)
SJFC 05G (GU14) (4282/-18/4) 10.10+0OGNIFE HKDP10.10+0 (4282/-18/4) SJFC 05G (GU14)
LFC IAA Bay Area 05G Red 2 (GU14) (4261/-139/5) 9.10+0IJNKPGDH OD9.10+0 (4261/-139/5) LFC IAA Bay Area 05G Red 2 (GU14)
LFC IAA Bay Area 05G Red 1 (GU13) (4196/+96/5) 16.10+0PK FCINOGJD16.10+0 (4196/+96/5) LFC IAA Bay Area 05G Red 1 (GU13)
ESJFC Bayern 2004G (GU15) (4181/-219/2) 1.10+0JJNIHKDOD C1.10+0 (4181/-219/2) ESJFC Bayern 2004G (GU15)
Olympic Lyonnais 07G (GU12) (4157/+122/5) 18.10+0F DKJHKGNEO18.10+0 (4157/+122/5) Olympic Lyonnais 07G (GU12)
LEGACY Futsal (GU12) (4149/+199/5) 22.10+0CD HKJIKNPE22.10+0 (4149/+199/5) LEGACY Futsal (GU12)
Pride Panteras Red (GU13) (4121/+21/5) 11.10+0OPKH EINJCF11.10+0 (4121/+21/5) Pride Panteras Red (GU13)
MVLA Roma White (GU13) (4109/+9/5) 13.10+0PEIJE KJIOE13.10+0 (4109/+9/5) MVLA Roma White (GU13)
Pride Panteras Black (GU13) (4093/-87/5) 10.10+0JNHIK NFKCH10.10+0 (4093/-87/5) Pride Panteras Black (GU13)
SC Sporting 06/07 Girls (GU13) (4082/-18/5) 10.10+0OGNN JDIFDD10.10+0 (4082/-18/5) SC Sporting 06/07 Girls (GU13)
SJFC 06G (GU13) (4062/+62/4) 19.10+0KKJFJ NGHDD19.10+0 (4062/+62/4) SJFC 06G (GU13)
Thorns Academy II (GU13) (4024/-76/3) 11.10+0JGCJKD DCPN11.10+0 (4024/-76/3) Thorns Academy II (GU13)
California Thorns 06 Academy (GU13) (4002/-98/5) 10.10+0ODJICID GCP10.10+0 (4002/-98/5) California Thorns 06 Academy (GU13)
Fierce Blue (GU14) (3906/-94/1) 7.10+0CIHFNCG KOI7.10+0 (3906/-94/1) Fierce Blue (GU14)
Coochooloo (GU13) (3881/-19/3) 6.10+0NGC OEIDJKH6.10+0 (3881/-19/3) Coochooloo (GU13)
Bozorg (GU13) (3873/-27/3) 9.10+0HKOE NJJCGD9.10+0 (3873/-27/3) Bozorg (GU13)
LFC IAA Bay Area 06 Girls (GU13) (3861/-39/3) 10.10+0EFPOIN KHGD10.10+0 (3861/-39/3) LFC IAA Bay Area 06 Girls (GU13)
Fierce White (GU14) (3846/-154/1) 2.10+0NKOEPIDJ GF2.10+0 (3846/-154/1) Fierce White (GU14)
FWB 06G (GU13) (3797/-103/3) 9.10+0NDNJJCKG FH9.10+0 (3797/-103/3) FWB 06G (GU13)
Pumas (GU12) (3728/+128/4) 13.10+0OPDF HGNCHK13.10+0 (3728/+128/4) Pumas (GU12)
FWB Rayados (GU13) (3710/-90/2) 14.10+0DKGHFH KJJD14.10+0 (3710/-90/2) FWB Rayados (GU13)
08G Sporting Green (GU11) (3580/+280/5) 22.10+0EG JFKPKFOD22.10+0 (3580/+280/5) 08G Sporting Green (GU11)
MVLA Inter Blue (GU11) (3574/+274/5) 25.10+0J DJDPFGKHK25.10+0 (3574/+274/5) MVLA Inter Blue (GU11)
SJEQ 07G I (GU12) (3539/-61/4) 10.10+0HGHNCKFD IN10.10+0 (3539/-61/4) SJEQ 07G I (GU12)
LFC IAA Bay Area 08G Red (GU10) (3429/-171/5) 16.10+0KJ FBCDENPO16.10+0 (3429/-171/5) LFC IAA Bay Area 08G Red (GU10)
Almaden Girls 2008 (GU11) (3385/+85/5) 15.10+0PDF KOHGIEC15.10+0 (3385/+85/5) Almaden Girls 2008 (GU11)
SC Sporting 07 Girls (GU12) (3381/-219/4) 4.10+0DDHJKPFI ND4.10+0 (3381/-219/4) SC Sporting 07 Girls (GU12)
08G Sporting Black (GU11) (3306/+206/3) 21.10+0FGK PKOHCDH21.10+0 (3306/+206/3) 08G Sporting Black (GU11)
Barcelona ) 08GI (GU11) (3273/-27/5) 13.10+0KBOHP JJGCF13.10+0 (3273/-27/5) Barcelona ) 08GI (GU11)
Sunnyvale Alliance 2007 Girls (GU12) (3257/-143/2) 7.10+0DKJODHGJ PN7.10+0 (3257/-143/2) Sunnyvale Alliance 2007 Girls (GU12)
08G Sporting Pink (GU11) (3220/+220/2) 20.10+0CKJ PHGDIFO20.10+0 (3220/+220/2) 08G Sporting Pink (GU11)
08G Sporting White (GU11) (3164/+64/3) 19.10+0OGPH FECKDK19.10+0 (3164/+64/3) 08G Sporting White (GU11)
Vision 07 (GU12) (3163/-237/2) 4.10+0DKNIHCPGF G4.10+0 (3163/-237/2) Vision 07 (GU12)
MVLA Gunners Too (GU10) (2991/+91/5) 17.10+0DCE KNGNFIJ17.10+0 (2991/+91/5) MVLA Gunners Too (GU10)
MVLA Gunners I (GU10) (2979/+79/5) 14.10+0EDCK GIEBJN14.10+0 (2979/+79/5) MVLA Gunners I (GU10)
Mth Thorns I (GU10) (2953/+53/5) 8.10+0NEDNG CBIGK8.10+0 (2953/+53/5) Mth Thorns I (GU10)
SJEQ 07G II (GU12) (2887/-213/3) 0.10+0CNDHFNIKG F0.10+0 (2887/-213/3) SJEQ 07G II (GU12)
LFC IAA Bay Area 08G White (GU10) (2881/+81/4) 15.10+0FDGIC OHKPN15.10+0 (2881/+81/4) LFC IAA Bay Area 08G White (GU10)
SC Sporting 09 Girls II (GU10) (2835/-65/5) 7.10+0NBO HGIKJDD7.10+0 (2835/-65/5) SC Sporting 09 Girls II (GU10)
Sunnyvale Alliance 2008 Girls (GU11) (2803/-97/1) 7.10+0POFEIFH NHD7.10+0 (2803/-97/1) Sunnyvale Alliance 2008 Girls (GU11)
SC Sporting 09 Girls (GU10) (2782/-118/5) 3.10+0OKIBGHGN DD3.10+0 (2782/-118/5) SC Sporting 09 Girls (GU10)
MVLA 10G Juventus Blue (GU9) (2719/+219/5) 24.10+0D HGBJKDNKJ24.10+0 (2719/+219/5) MVLA 10G Juventus Blue (GU9)
Legend5 Fut5al 2009 Girls (GU10) (2713/-187/5) 9.10+0JJKKH GHDDB9.10+0 (2713/-187/5) Legend5 Fut5al 2009 Girls (GU10)
Sunnyvale Alliance 2009 Girls A (GU10) (2696/-4/3) 9.10+0NPIDHG OKBD9.10+0 (2696/-4/3) Sunnyvale Alliance 2009 Girls A (GU10)
MTH Thorns II (GU10) (2606/+6/2) 16.10+0KGH KNDDIHB16.10+0 (2606/+6/2) MTH Thorns II (GU10)
LFC IAA Bay Area 09 Girls (GU10) (2573/-127/3) 6.10+0NJBDOK GJPB6.10+0 (2573/-127/3) LFC IAA Bay Area 09 Girls (GU10)
Futsal Ballers (GU10) (2444/-156/2) 12.10+0JKNDG JODBH12.10+0 (2444/-156/2) Futsal Ballers (GU10)
Santa Clara Sporting 10G Green (GU9) (2373/+273/5) 16.10+0KDDBDJJ HHK16.10+0 (2373/+273/5) Santa Clara Sporting 10G Green (GU9)
Sunnyvale Alliance 2009 Girls B (GU10) (2147/-353/1) 0.10+0DNBIPODH GJ0.10+0 (2147/-353/1) Sunnyvale Alliance 2009 Girls B (GU10)
Legend5 Fut5al 2010 Girls (GU9) (2147/+47/5) 6.10+0DKHBHG KD6.10+0 (2147/+47/5) Legend5 Fut5al 2010 Girls (GU9)
Santa Clara Sporting 10G White (GU9) (2033/+133/3) 6.10+0DJDBBHKJKD 6.10+0 (2033/+133/3) Santa Clara Sporting 10G White (GU9)
Fieras de Nayarit (BU18) (5248/+48/3) 22.10+0 ODIPEKJNGF22.10+0 (5248/+48/3) Fieras de Nayarit (BU18)
Legends Respect 2003 Boys (BU16) (5222/+122/5) 18.10+0OD JNGHEKPF18.10+0 (5222/+122/5) Legends Respect 2003 Boys (BU16)
South Bay Independents (BU16) (5199/+199/5) 21.9+0IJ KODOFNG21.9+0 (5199/+199/5) South Bay Independents (BU16)
Nogometni Klub (BU18) (5194/-206/5) 13.10+0PENGK JFGCO13.10+0 (5194/-206/5) Nogometni Klub (BU18)
04B Legend5 Fut5al (BU16) (5111/+111/5) 15.10+0KHODJ PGOEI15.10+0 (5111/+111/5) 04B Legend5 Fut5al (BU16)
Allstars United Earthquakes 03b Blue (BU16) (4951/-49/5) 6.10+0JEOFPG ICIN6.10+0 (4951/-49/5) Allstars United Earthquakes 03b Blue (BU16)
LFC IAA Bay Area 03 Red (BU16) (4935/-65/5) 4.10+0NKFGOEI HDP4.10+0 (4935/-65/5) LFC IAA Bay Area 03 Red (BU16)
FWB Lyon (BU16) (4920/+20/4) 9.10+0GPNCH EFJJO9.10+0 (4920/+20/4) FWB Lyon (BU16)
Cardinal Bears 2005 (BU15) (4886/+286/4) 24.9+0 IGFDIJNPN24.9+0 (4886/+286/4) Cardinal Bears 2005 (BU15)
MVLA River Plate Blue (BU15) (4832/+132/5) 15.10+0FDE NOGJIPK15.10+0 (4832/+132/5) MVLA River Plate Blue (BU15)
MVLA River Plate (BU15) (4802/+102/5) 15.10+0CFIN EOGPKJ15.10+0 (4802/+102/5) MVLA River Plate (BU15)
Almaden United (BU16) (4751/-49/3) 12.10+0FJGO HCPNCI12.10+0 (4751/-49/3) Almaden United (BU16)
One Touch Red (BU17) (4717/-183/3) 4.10+0OIIPFGEH CK4.10+0 (4717/-183/3) One Touch Red (BU17)
Red Devils (BU15) (4717/+17/5) 10.10+0JOCC HJGNPF10.10+0 (4717/+17/5) Red Devils (BU15)
SJFC 03/04B (BU16) (4712/-188/4) 6.10+0GNJDIPKH OC6.10+0 (4712/-188/4) SJFC 03/04B (BU16)
05B San Jose Surf Futsal Blue (BU14) (4695/+295/5) 28.10+0 EEPEGFHHNK28.10+0 (4695/+295/5) 05B San Jose Surf Futsal Blue (BU14)
MVLA River Plate Azul (BU15) (4676/-24/5) 6.10+0IPGNJOC CHI6.10+0 (4676/-24/5) MVLA River Plate Azul (BU15)
MVLA Pumas Blue (BU14) (4596/+196/5) 19.10+0CGC FHHPKON19.10+0 (4596/+196/5) MVLA Pumas Blue (BU14)
MVLA River Plate White (BU15) (4591/-109/5) 6.10+0OJKPINEHF G6.10+0 (4591/-109/5) MVLA River Plate White (BU15)
Lady Legends 04G (BU15) (4543/-57/4) 9.10+0NPFEHG EJKO9.10+0 (4543/-57/4) Lady Legends 04G (BU15)
05B Legends Freedom (BU14) (4526/+226/0) 30.10+0 HGEFKEJJNP30.10+0 (4526/+226/0) 05B Legends Freedom (BU14)
05B San Jose Surf Futsal Gray (BU14) (4500/+100/5) 20.10+0PEE FFKHGHN20.10+0 (4500/+100/5) 05B San Jose Surf Futsal Gray (BU14)
SJFC 05B (BU15) (4399/-201/4) 3.10+0PKGIHJF OEC3.10+0 (4399/-201/4) SJFC 05B (BU15)
LFC IAA Bay Area 05B Red 2 (BU14) (4380/-20/5) 12.10+0NFPHO IEGJE12.10+0 (4380/-20/5) LFC IAA Bay Area 05B Red 2 (BU14)
LEGENDS 05G (BU14) (4364/+64/4) 19.10+0I EOGFHIKOE19.10+0 (4364/+64/4) LEGENDS 05G (BU14)
Legends Dignity 06B (BU13) (4358/+258/5) 19.9+0E ENJOGNJH19.9+0 (4358/+258/5) Legends Dignity 06B (BU13)
FWB-PaloAlto 05B (BU14) (4352/-48/5) 10.10+0JHKKFEO EIO10.10+0 (4352/-48/5) FWB-PaloAlto 05B (BU14)
AFTG Boca Jrs 05B Gold (BU14) (4334/-66/5) 6.9+0OKCG PHING6.9+0 (4334/-66/5) AFTG Boca Jrs 05B Gold (BU14)
ESJFC Bayern 2004B (BU15) (4316/-84/2) 10.10+0HNOGHEFE OI10.10+0 (4316/-84/2) ESJFC Bayern 2004B (BU15)
SSJ Spartans (BU14) (4314/+224/1) 24.10+0 FCCGHKPJNO24.10+0 (4314/+224/1) SSJ Spartans (BU14)
LFC IAA Bay Area 05B Red 1 (BU14) (4258/-142/5) 7.10+0NEGIPHOF KE7.10+0 (4258/-142/5) LFC IAA Bay Area 05B Red 1 (BU14)
Sentinels Black (BU14) (4247/-153/5) 4.10+0KFHGHEIIK E4.10+0 (4247/-153/5) Sentinels Black (BU14)
FWB06B (BU13) (4188/+88/5) 12.10+0C HPDNOFHGI12.10+0 (4188/+88/5) FWB06B (BU13)
Sentinels Yellow (BU13) (4178/+178/4) 21.10+0H EEKFKIIGJ21.10+0 (4178/+178/4) Sentinels Yellow (BU13)
UC Premier United 06 Boys (BU13) (4165/+65/5) 7.10+0KINEE HBGNP7.10+0 (4165/+65/5) UC Premier United 06 Boys (BU13)
06 Blue WSJ Strikers (BU13) (4159/+59/5) 12.9+0CPDH OJNGI12.9+0 (4159/+59/5) 06 Blue WSJ Strikers (BU13)
MVLA Arsenal Blue (BU13) (4157/+57/5) 12.10+0EJGNEBO IKP12.10+0 (4157/+57/5) MVLA Arsenal Blue (BU13)
olympic 04 (BU15) (4144/-256/2) 0.10+0JJKONGHE FE0.10+0 (4144/-256/2) olympic 04 (BU15)
LFC IAA Bay Area 06B Red (BU13) (4136/+36/5) 15.10+0OK PCGHNJCE15.10+0 (4136/+36/5) LFC IAA Bay Area 06B Red (BU13)
Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club Jogo Bonito 05B (BU14) (4109/-91/3) 6.10+0JNEOEGGIF P6.10+0 (4109/-91/3) Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club Jogo Bonito 05B (BU14)
AFTG BocaJrs 05B Blue (BU14) (4060/-40/2) 9.10+0NKOFJPC DIH9.10+0 (4060/-40/2) AFTG BocaJrs 05B Blue (BU14)
LFC IAA Bay Area 05 Purple (BU14) (4051/-149/3) 6.10+0JFNKEGPD HO6.10+0 (4051/-149/3) LFC IAA Bay Area 05 Purple (BU14)
AFTG Boca Jrs I (BU13) (4011/+111/3) 15.10+0H HGCNEFFPO15.10+0 (4011/+111/3) AFTG Boca Jrs I (BU13)
Corinthians FC 2005 (BU14) (3984/-116/2) 6.10+0KNH NJGJEGC6.10+0 (3984/-116/2) Corinthians FC 2005 (BU14)
Santa Clara Eagles (BU14) (3976/-124/2) 10.10+0HGIHN NEFOC10.10+0 (3976/-124/2) Santa Clara Eagles (BU14)
LFC IAA Bay Area 06B White (BU13) (3961/-39/4) 4.10+0PIGJNE COHK4.10+0 (3961/-39/4) LFC IAA Bay Area 06B White (BU13)
Infinity 2005 (BU14) (3940/-260/3) 3.10+0HJGPINOCFC 3.10+0 (3940/-260/3) Infinity 2005 (BU14)
LFC IAA Bay Area 05B White (BU14) (3934/+34/0) 6.10+0IJNGOH CCPK