Quakes 06 Blue (GU14)

Age group:Girls under 14 (born after August 1st 2004)
USFF ID:8CANSJ14F900501, 11 players
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Team Manager:Meredith Bray 408-930-0560 (click to show email)
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Sun. Dec. 16, 20183:30pmForfeits (Home) (cleanup)
against ESJFC Bayern 2004G
This game is not played but was forfeit by one of the teams,
(cleanup) This team is responsible to remove the goals and nets, corner flags, trashcans and cleanup the field.
 League games are marked in blue ,  special non game events in yellow ,  bye requests in red ,  Scrimmages and non FutsalSJ games in light green  and  away games on non FutsalSJ fields in white .


Sun. Dec. 2, 201810:50am Quakes 06 Blue (GU14) [4400] LFC IAA Bay Area 05G Red 2 (GU14) [4400]7 - 2 / +50 =4450
Sun. Dec. 9, 20186:15pm Quakes 04 RED (GU15) [4454] Quakes 06 Blue (GU14) [4450]0 - 7 / +50 =4500
Sun. Dec. 16, 20183:30pm Quakes 06 Blue (GU14) [4500] ESJFC Bayern 2004G (GU15) [4347] - /  =4500

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