Olympic Lyonnais 07G (GU12)

Age group:Girls under 12 (born after August 1st 2006)
USFF ID:8CANSJ12F900303, 1 players
Team Manager:Glenn Rebugio (*) 4086004104 (click to show email)
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Team Schedule

You have only registered 1 players with USFF. Non registered players will not be allowed to play the games listed below, your team will forfeit the games if it does not have at least 5 players registered by Thursday before the game AND gets player passes for them.
After you register a player with USFF it can take up to 6 hours for this page to reflect this.

Please check with your coach/manager whether all events are listed.

Sat. Dec. 1, 2018noon - 5:00pmBye RequestLeague games
Sun. Dec. 2, 2018noon - 5:00pmBye RequestLeague Games
Sat. Dec. 8, 2018
- Sat. Dec. 15, 2018
Bye RequestState Cup and League Make up games
Sun. Jan. 20, 20196:30am - 9:30pmBye Request
 League games are marked in blue ,  special non game events in yellow ,  bye requests in red ,  Scrimmages and non FutsalSJ games in light green  and  away games on non FutsalSJ fields in white .

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