Our Schedule for Our Two Clinics:

We will be meeting at MACSA 8:00 am on Saturday, Dec 7 and Saturday Dec 14. Session will last for 90 minutes. For directions go to the "Gyms" page where you can get that information. Parents please stay for a few minutes so we can go over questions and make sure everyone has all their paperwork. Each player must have the following completed:

  1. Individual player registration with Futsal San Jose
  2. At-Large Youth Player registration with USFF (CLICK USFF ON THE MAIN MENU)
  3. Current photograph
  4. Proof-of-Age (Birth certificate, passport, etc.)
  5. $Check (see below) for fees


Bring indoor shoes (see below) and practice clothes and Water.

Our Season is ready to begin. This year we offer futsal clinics to begin the season, as we did last year. New this year is the integration of Academy teams into the competitive league at appropriate age and ability levels. Ten weeks of futsal with eight games. The season begins first weekend in December, breaks for the holidays, and resumes first weekend in January. Season ends first weekend in March. Fees are $95 if you register on or before November 9 and $115 if you register after November 9. Also, you must register with USFF (US Futsal Federation): $12 for coaches and $9 for players. Coaches register their player-child for $50. Registering players and coaches with USFF is how Futsal San Jose gets insured and it confers liability protection to the Academy.

 Frequently Asked Questions


Are shin guards necessary? No one will be permitted to play without shinguards. Saftey first.

What shoes are required? Shoes should be without raised heels (running shoes, for example, have thick heels). Futsal shoes are designed for the futsal style of indoor soccer -- flat soles, good traction, and reenforced toes. Any shoes designed for indoor court play are acceptable.


Can we play or coach without registering? Registration is required. Without it we cannot have insurance for players and we cannot do background checks on coaches. Register on the Futsal San Jose website and also on the USFF website. Also, coaches need to do some additional admin work to set up their team. Click on "Registration" in the sidebar menu on the left and follow instructions for registering with The Academy as either an individual or as a coach/team. But finish reading the informaton on this page first.

Why Futsal?

It's Fun! It's fast! It's addictive indoor soccer!

The game of Futsal is the crucible in which some of the best players in the world forged their ball control skills. Played indoor with 5-a-side, futsal is a fast game which helps players improve ball control, passing and receiving, and tactics. Futsal is a rapidly growing sport of international interest. It is fun, builds confidence, and brings players back for more.

What Is The Academy?

An outgrowth of Futsal San Jose, a competitive league, the Academy gives players a chance to learn and play futsal without unbalanced competition. It is different from existing league play. Have you heard that teams in the futsal leagues in San Jose are really experienced and competitive? The Academy offers level competition between teams by having Academy trainers and officials manage team formation. We stress no contact. And we manage age and gender groups so teams do not have to play older and bigger players. The Academy stresses learning the game, developing players, and training coaches – not winning games or tournaments.

How Does It Work?

The season runs from December to the first weekend of March. First, the Academy offers two clinics for players, teams, and coaches with top futsal coaches. Second, teams are finalized after the clinics and play an eight game season (see point 1 below) with options for team practice time. You get a total of ten weeks of futsal. Coaches can bring teams into the Academy for the season (see point 2 below for how that is done). All players registering as individuals (up to four friends can be assigned to the same team) can register and will be assigned to a team once team play begins. Teams will consist of up to nine players. This guarantees each player 20 minutes of playing time, or half a game.

What Age Groups Will We Offer?

We invite boys and girls in the following age groups to apply: U8, U10, U12, U14 and U15. The Academy will supply practice and game balls and playing space in addition to the other support mentioned here.

How Will Coaches Benefit?

Coaches are mentored by our trainers as they participate in the clinics; Coaches have a chance to hear about tactics, training, how to manage a game, and get in some playing time in a scrimmage format. Coaches can attend a referee workshop run by Futsal San Jose staff.  Coaches also get experience coaching their teams through the games; staff will be available to answer questions; arrangements can be made to have a trainer present at one or more team practices. A team may ask for one or more indoor practice times of one hour each. We suggest splitting the space with another team and include some scrimmage time. The cost depends on the facility we have, and it is much more affordable if you share the space. We will try to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee space will be available when and where you want it.

How to Register?

Click on "Registration" in the sidebar menu on the left and follow instructions for registering with The Academy as either an individual or as a coach/team. Mail the signed registration form with proof-of-age (copy of birth certificate or passport) with check to the address on the printed form. MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO FUTSAL SAN JOSE. When you register, make sure you list any team or group affilitation that applies (list names of friends you want to play with, your soccer coach's name if he or she is bringing a team, etc.).All players and coaches must register with USFF, also.

If a coach wants to register a full team make sure to fill out an application form for the team, and have each player fill out an application form for individual players, too. If possible please send all the forms and checks together in one envelope to the address above.

  1. If an age group does not have players enough for a team, then, at the parent's discretion, instead of games we will continue the learning sessions and offer scrimmaging time or refund all but $25 of the Futsal San Jose fee (USFFfee not refundable).

  2. A coach may bring his or her soccer team into the Academy. A team may begin with up to seven players if they come with a coach. The Academy will assign up to two  more players from the pool of individual registrants to create a team of up to nine players. If a coach wishes to bring in more than seven players, his or her team will split into two or more teams of equal number, unaffiliated players will be assigned to each team to bring them up to as many nine per team, and the coach can bring all his or her teams to practices and work with them as a group, using assistant coaches if desired.   

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